• Meet Our Members

    We have been proudly serving Crittenden for 85 years. Meet our current team of dedicated members. Read More
  • Public Events

    We have a Mother's Day Chicken BBQ and Gun Raffle every year to help pay for the expenses involved in running the fire hall. We also have open houses to pull back the curtain for the community. Read More
  • Marching in Parades

    Parades give us the opportunity to show our community support. We have our color guard and the whole fire team as well as our trucks and equipment. Read More
  • Monday Night Drills

    Practice makes perfect! Anyone can stop by during our practice drills to see how we train. Read More
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Welcome to Crittenden Fire Hall

Crittenden Volunteer Fire Company, Inc was organized on May 7th, 1931. We were established for the protection of the residents of the fire district and the town of Alden, by contract and their property from the dangers of fire. It is also understood that the fire company may be called upon to render first aid and other assistance, during natural emergencies, as may be necessary for the preservation of life and property.

Our Mission statement is the dedication of providing public safety services to our citizens that result in improved quality of life and peace of mind. As a team, we will strive to minimize losses and suffering through emergency service delivery, public education, public information, and community service activities. We will provide our service and treat those we service in a manner that is honest, fair, and unbiased, We shall honor our heritage, actively participate in our community, and serve with integrity. We will endeavor to uphold the unique camaraderie and trust that is the Fire Service. We offer free training, retirement benefits, and a long learning experience that will never end.

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Firehall Support

Please help us with a monetary contribution. All donations are greatly appreciated and helps us do what we do...keep the community safe from fire!