Past Events

Saying Goodbye in West Webster

On December 24, 2012 2 West Webster fire fighters Lt. Mike Chiapperini and firefighter Tomasz Kaczowka were tragically shot and killed in an early morning shoot out while trying to attempt to put out a fire near Lake Ontario that their Killer intentionally set, killing himself and also his sister.

On Dec 30th 2012 Crittenden firefighters EMS Captain Lynn Ann Ribbeck and Safety Officer John O’Donnell gathered at the Erie County Training tower to be part of a group of 250 Erie County firefighters who traveled by bus to Webster to pay there last respects.

It was both an honor and privilege for both of us to Represent the department to say good bye to two brothers who service and sacrifice will always be remembered. Waiting in approx 10 degree weather in a Line for 4 hrs was just a small sacrifice considering all that they gave for us. John and I were both amazed at the sheer number of firefighters who came from all over NYS, Canada, PA, all over the county for that matter and police officers who also came to show respects for Mr. Chiapperini who was also a Webster police officer. We were welcomed by the community where ever we went, private citizens were there handing out hot chocolate, coffee, hand warmers, gloves you name it to try to keep every warm and safe. It was amazing to see how many people were behind the scenes to make it all happen.

We wish to thank the WNY 100 Club for making sure any Erie County Firefighter who wished to go had a free way to get there and safe way to get there due to the weather as well.

Rest in peace brother fire fighters Chiapperini and Kaczowka and thank you for all that you did to make people remember the fire service in the past few months.

Crittenden VFD Celebrates 82 Installation Of Officers on 1/26/13

Crittenden Volunteer Fire Dept. Members and guests came celebrate 82 years of community service on Saturday night. The night started with words of welcome from Debra Anderson CVFD Vice President, Chief Alan Piasecki gave assignment of duties for the evening and thanked the Alden Hook and Ladder fire department for taking our calls for the evening. Gary Gugino of VFIS was introduced as our Toastmaster for the evenings program. Mr Gugino spoke to all after a wonderful dinner from the Whistle Stop about changes he has seen over the years in the fire service and in light of recent events in West Webster NY that the fire service isn't just about saving others lives but watching out for ourselves as well to. That we need to be aware of what is constantly happening at our scene and stay up on our training.

Bud Milligan Alden town Supervisor spoke after dinner about the pleasures of working with several officers of Crittenden VFD on a regular basis and the future of the town of Alden and update all present about the Erie County Home closure process and its future building use. Mr Milligan intalled our Executive officers after his speech. They are President Nancy Falker, Vice Present and Chaplain Debra Anderson, Secretary Susan Sponholz, Treasurer Patricia Guidie, Board of Directors; Nicholas Smith, George Faucett, Edward Osborne, Lyle Fix and John O'Donnell. Sergeant at Arms Robert Bemis and Public Relations Lynn Ann Ribbeck.

Mr Milligan also installed our Firematic. Officers as well: Chief Alan Piasecki, First Assistant Michael Long, 2nd Assistant Craig Sponholz, Firematic Captain Derek Cattoi, Lieutant Kevin Marek , Assistant Lieutant Edward Osborne, EMS Captain Lynn Ann Ribbeck, Fire Police Captain John O'Donnell, Safety Officer & Communications Nicholas Smith, Mechanic & IT Director Jeffrey Wright, Assistant Mechanic Lee Batter- Ostrowski, Training Officer Nancy Falker and Firematic Secretary Debra Anderson.

Mary Riddock Town of Alden Councilwomen installed John O'Donnell as Fire Police Captain and members of the Dept who are fire police certified: Charles F Anderson, Charles P Anderson, Debra Anderson, Lou Casseri, Patricia Guidie, George Faucett, Nancy Falker, Lyle Fix, Edward Keller, Kevin Kruschke, William Lawrence, Mike Long, Edward Osborne, Alan Piasecki, Lynn Ann Ribbeck, Sue Sponholz, Craig Sponholz, Nicholas Smith, Sandy Wawrzynek.

Awards of Service were given by Chief Piasecki, Debra Anderson VP and Bud Milligan to: Lynn Ann Ribbeck 5 years, Charles P Anderson and Charles F Anderson 10 years, Susan Sponholz 15 years, Nicholas Smith 25 years, William Lawrence 30 years Howard Heist 35 Years, Edward Keller 40 years, Robert Bemis, Louis Casseri and Ron Heist 45 years and Norbert Geyer 60 years.

Sheriff Tim Howard also spoke to members of the Department and Guests thanking for them for their service to the community and had fun roasting our Fire Police Captain John O'Donnell who is good friends of the O'Donnell family and Mr O'Donnell is a Auxillary Sheriff under Sheriff Howard and an Employee for County Sheriff's Dept.

Top 10 points for the year were award by Chief Piasecki to #10 Kevin Marek, #9 Patrica Guidie, #8 Lee Battell-Ostrowski, #7 Lynn Ann Ribbeck #6 Nicholas Smith #5 John O'Donnell, #4 Michael Long, #3 Derek Cattoi #2 Louis Casseri And #1 George Faucett.

Chief Piasecki also awarded awards to the following: Derek Cattoi and Lee Battel-Ostrowski were given their 100 point club glass mugs to add with those memebers who currently have 100 points in a year. Lyle Fix and his Entire Family were given a service award for going above and beyond supporting and helping the company. Outgoing Assitant Chief Louis Casseri was given a special plaque for service. Outgoing Fire police Captain George Faucett was given a special plaque for many years of service in that office. Chief Piasecki also gave a special plaque to our Social Members Organization for all their efforts helping our department this year. This group is like our axillary group at Crittenden VFD the plaque will be on display at the hall for all to enjoy. Outstanding Driver award went to John O'Donnell and William Lawrence. Firefighter of the Year went to Derek Cattoi.

EMS Captain Lynn Ann Ribbeck gave the following awards: Top 5 EMS responders: #5 (3way tie) Derek Cattoi, Patricia Guidie and Kevin Marek. #4 Michael Long #3 Louis Casseri. #2 George Faucett and #1 Alan Piasecki. She also awarded John O'Donnell special recoginition and a certificate for completing EMT Orginial class which was an extra challenge due to new changes in State EMS And Mr O'Donnell having to heal from surgery late during his class. First Assistant Chief Michael Long gave Ms Ribbeck a certificate for Renewing her EMT Basic along with Mr. O'Donnell and thanked her for her 5 years of Service as EMS captain and going above and beyond in training the CVFD members in First Aide skills and work she does at the fire department. Ms Ribbeck also gave out a gift to all the EMS members for their service this year.

Mr Guglino thank Ms Ribbeck for her efforts as an EMS Instructor and Stepping up for the thankless job of being EMS Captain as they keep the departments running smoothly as there usually about a 2 or 3 ratio for EMS assist calls then fire calls in every department. The program ended with Remarks from Chief Piasecki about why he choose his current line officers, thanking members who go Above and beyond and get little thanks and how he plans to serve the community and as chief this new year. The night ended with Prayers from Debra Anderson, Music from Siren Sounds and power-point photo review put together by Public Relations Officer Lynn Ann Ribbeck.

We thank those who came to celebrate and remember those who are no longer with us in our hearts as we move on to year 83 to serve our district and town.


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