• Meet Our Members

    We have been proudly serving Crittenden for 85 years. Meet our current team of dedicated members. Read More
  • Public Fundraisers

    We have a gun raffle and a mother's day chicken BBQ every year to help pay for the expenses involved in running the fire hall. Without your support we would not be able to protect and serve our community. Read More
  • Marching in Parades

    Parades give us the opportunity to show our community support. We have our color guard and the whole fire team as well as our trucks and equipment. Read More
  • Monday Night Drills

    Practice makes perfect! Anyone can stop by during our practice drills to see how we train. Read More
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Hall for Rent!

Firehall Support

Please help us with a monetary contribution. All donations are greatly appreciated and helps us do what we do...keep the community safe from fire!